Google Chrome 1 Mozilla Firefox 0

It’s live!

I’ve been playing around with Chrome for a short while now, but I know enough to say this:

It rocks.

I cannot vouch for stability as it has been literally minutes since I’ve downloaded it. But there are new and clever features (not gimmicks).

  • The Crash Control is already 100% smarter than the rather stupid “restore previous session” that you find in Firefox. (including a Task Manager for your browser. Is the browser an OS?)
  • Incognito mode looks smart (IE 8.0 also implements this).
  • A start page!
  • The other thing I really hate about Firefox / IE, the stupid “download manager”, well that’s gone.
  • The developer tools look decent.

I’m sure this is only the tip of the iceberg, but I’m really excited about this. Well done Google. I hope FF can weather the storm.

Don’t forget that apart from the technology factor, Google also help to fund Mozilla, this is no big secret, Time put it very nicely:

Google has long been a patron of its open-source browser, and pays a kind of “click back” to Mozilla for directing its 200 million users to Google search. In 2006, the last time Mozilla released its numbers on the subject, Google had paid the company $65 million.

So quite how that relationship stands now is anyone’s guess, but it cannot be good news for Mozilla Firefox.

Like I said earlier today, Firefox is gonna get a beating.


5 thoughts on “Google Chrome 1 Mozilla Firefox 0

  1. I also really like Chrome so far, and at the moment am using it as my primary browser to really put it through its paces. The only problems I’ve seen so far are:

    Chrome automatically imported my Firefox bookmarks, but doesn’t seem to be able to handle Live Bookmarks, which was an immediate and major drawback for me. If they can get this in at some point in the future, it would go a long way towards convincing me to switch.

    Flash and Shockwave are quite slow and a bit crash-prone. If the ‘kill unresponsive plug-in’ feature would kick in faster I wouldn’t mind, but for now it’s a bit annoying. (Although the task manager is awesome.)

    Sparse options for customisation.

    I don’t think Chrome is a Firefox-killer, but I do like it a lot. Let’s hope Google improves on what they’ve already got in the near future!

  2. I just downloaded the Chrome Beta, and I’m impressed. It’s fast…
    When I used Firefox years ago, the one thing I hated was how bulky and sluggish it was. It was a jalopy of a browser. It did have a lot of features and addons, but I rarely used most of them. I haven’t tried the new Firefox, because the original turned me off. I think I’ll check it out though. If it’s anything like what I remember, then Chrome will be the Firefox killer. Also going to download the new IE8 beta.

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