Firefox about to get a beating from Google

As if things weren’t bad enough for Firefox as it is, Google are about to release their own browser Google Chrome.  Of course, Mozilla are not worried, but let’s face it, this is not going to help Firefox at all.

Developers will happily jump to the Google browser, because that is were the main action is going to happen in the next few years. And with IE 8 promising and delivering new features, suddenly FireFox looks old and tired just like it’s granddaddy Netscape.

Microsoft / IE stand to lose nothing from this at all (in the short term), and if there are any casualties it will be FireFox and not IE (for an opposing view).

When I originally started this, I was bitching about Firefox, having said that I’ld be very sad to see it go, so let’s hope it can somehow, against all odds manage to stand up to both Microsoft and Google.

When I put it like that, I suddenly realise what I liked about FireFox in the first place.

Incidentally, Google Chrome is now live. You can download it too.


3 thoughts on “Firefox about to get a beating from Google

  1. I love Google. Being a Mac user, I feel that Google is a kindred spirit. They understand the fine art of making things “just work”. I have loved every Google product that I’ve ever used. Gmail is great, iGoogle is great, Picasa is great.

    If, with Chrome, Google continues their already stellar track record, then Firefox will be given a run for their money which they could use right about now to help them get the lead out.

    And I’m just looking for someone who can help topple IE. Worst. Browser. Ever.

  2. Josh, that phrase you use… “kindred spirit”… i do not think it means what you think it means. at best you can say they play nice sometimes, but really… come on.

    i’m sure Google will release a mac version of Chrome (or will let the open source community tackle that mission), but they never did release a mac version of Google Talk (and Apple took for ever to get compatible with Java 5)…

    in the classic words of my brother: “they’re all Borgs with crap for us to purchase.”

    FF3 is still king in my book, plus google’s privacy policies are at odds with my own sense of self-preservation.

    inspite: i agree with you about the “action”, although not as many people jumped on the Python wagon as i would have thought after Google backed it. somehow Ruby still reared its head… and then there was all that Scala and Erlang and Aspect-Oriented programming jibba-jabba…


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