Pleurisy update: another two weeks pass

2 months + 2 weeks after initial pleurisy pains

I went to see my GP the other day so that he could listen to my chest. He said it sounded clear, but that 2 and a half months was a long time to have these pains. But since they were gradually improving, he was quite happy with that. In addition I have not yet been discharged by the hospital, so they will give me one final once over before they let me go.

More or less I feel ok now. I still can just about feel the pains in my right side (ribs) when I take a very deep breath. My chest still feels odd at times (maybe I have poked it too much looking for pains)  but I do feel a slight tightness when I take a very deep breath. There seem to be slightly tender areas on my left side (this is NOT where I have my pleurisy). I’m trying not to worry about this weird sensations too much. I’m yet to confirm if these are anything at all.

The last two nights I have woken up with pretty bad pleurisy type pains in my back. I’ve brushed these off as me sleeping in a bad position (I’ve changed position and woken up feeling more or less ok).


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