Firefox 3 sucks

It seems to be another crap browser from Mozilla, anything after 1.4 seems to have sucked to me. To add a little perspective, it is not the most crap thing ever, not in the same league with Window ME for instance, however, it does have issues which make suckage.

Why does it suck:

  1. It crashes alot
  2. It seems to have real trouble loading flash content (some sites work, some don’t).  You cannot break Flash and expect someone to use your browser.
  3. It’s a memory guzzling pig

I really don’t get what it brings to the party that IE7 doesn’t already (now) have.

I’m not looking to start a flame war, but I don’t care about Linux and Unix users, they are stuck with Firefox and it is half decent; and when compared to the other browsers non-windoze users have on offer, it must look pretty sweet. But seriously, for Windoze users, compared to IE7 it offers no advantages whatsoever.

It’s a shame because a long time ago it was pretty sweet, and was without a doubt, a better browser than IE5.x and IE6. But since IE7, I really don’t think they can make that claim anymore.

The Web Developer toolbar is the #1 reason I still have it installed on my machine.

I’m not alone, I found another blog who reports about the suckage, he has spent more time on this and has articulated it much better than I could. This one too. Oh have them all.


3 thoughts on “Firefox 3 sucks

  1. I have to disagree but I admire your opinion.

    The stable FF3 only crashes like once every blue moon. I have to admit that it does though. 2. It loads flash content fine for me, never had trouble with that. 3. true.

    When it comes down to it: FF3 has better security, it’s open source, it has better ad-ons, it renders pages cleaner, its easier to develop for because it makes more sense.

    I don’t want to start flaming, just my opinion. IE7 & 8 doesn’t have any thing new or exiting to offer. I hate the dialogs that IE brings up, stuff that doesn’t even matter. An then there’s Active X, talk about security. My biggest rant is the way they handle JavaScript and CSS.

    Although I have to give IE credit for one thing, the rendering speed. Overall I would give IE a 9.8/10 for loading speed. That’s the only time I’d give IE credit. For the amount of years they’ve been developing they should have something better than just standard.

    If I was going to leave FF3 for anther browser, it would be either Opera or Safari, most likely Safari.

    Have a great day!

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