100,000 diggs (and counting): most diggs ever!

Due to the lack of things to do at work (and the demise of FaceBook) I’ve been wasting more time on sites like Digg and LifeHacker et al.

Typically, I see a fun story and click it, read it and move on. The problem is, there are not that many fun stories out there, most of the stuff that is posted is utterly boring and I simply cannot believe that they really are of genuine interest to anyone. These are the posts which typically get 2000+ diggs, and upwards of 200 comments. Go figure.

I want to write and tell the losers to stop commenting, to just stop writing mindless drivel, (stop posting it would be even better) but I’ld be cast as a troll. I just wonder who are these people that spend hours of their lives reading dumb posts, commenting on things which are utterly useless and pointless. It’s not even funny most of it. It’s just:



“Linux rules”

“Windows sucks”

“Fuck you asshole”


You get the drift.