When is a trojan not a trojan: asecurityservice.com

A non-technical friend of mine recently phoned me up to say he had been infected by a virus.  His home page was hi-jacked and he was pretty worried. The infection was proudly proclaimed to be by asecurityservice.com.  According to several sources [of dubious accuracy]  this is very serious.

asecurityservice.com is dangerous toolbar and comes from very dangerous trojan zlob. It hijack your homepage and displays fake warning message to download the another fake spyware applications… If your computer is infected by asecurityservice.com.com hijacker then it is very dangerous for your computer.

from http://www.pcontech.com/

Note how many times they say dangerous. Note how poor the English is. Note how childishly they warn you of the impending doom. Ooooh this must be bad. I want my {mommy | blanket | cigarettes | pillow} (delete as appropriate)

What are the symptoms?

User’s homepage is changed to asecurityservice.com.com or to other unfamiliar websites. Warning messages such as “Virus Alert”, “Your Computer is Infected”, “Security Alert” Trojan-Spy.win32@mx or Spyware.Cyberlog-X infections are displayed.

You even get a warning that something has happened.

The art of deception: dead?

Well that’s all very interesting, but if I were seriously writing a trojan, would I shout so loudly that I had invaded your machine? (I saw Troy, and I don’t remember the Spartans (holding megaphones) riding the wooden horse into Troy , shouting YOUR DEFENSES HAVE BEEN BREACHED). In fact why bother with the wooden horse in the first place?Morons.

No. More likely this is what I think should be called “asshole-ware”. Why would someone announce that you were ill, could it be so that they could sell you medicine?

Your machine probably is infected, it may even be a real trojan, but the real catch, is they get you to pay $25 to remove the infection. Its a real real dumb idea, but it probably works.

A real trojan is about stealth, it doesn’t announce that it is dangerous.

It’s extremely funny, because they warn you of:

Very High Risk   –  Extremely dangerous Spyware. asecurityservice.com Uses stealth installation, randomly named entries and has the capability to self update or Restore after incomplete removal. Very hard to remove manually. Removing by free software or Re-Name the Dll file of asecurityservice.com cannot decrease the Privacy Risk, because it uses stealth installation method

I like anything which uses stealth and then warns me that it is using steatlth. Is the art of deception truly dead? Was the Cold War all for nothing? Fuckwits.

We have a cure

You can use http://www.lavasoftusa.com to clean your machine. Its free. Its safe. Its well-known. This is a reputable product, and you can download it from http://www.downloads.com. A safe place to get stuff like this.

If you gonna lie, make it big


The key to note is that the answer is always the same, and specific recommendation the some no-brand spyware tool. Surprising that they never suggest McAfee or Symantec etc.

Appendix of delusion

This site is probably linked to the idiot mastermind idiot of this scam: http://www.pcontech.com/ where they list their other scams.

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