beta: getting it right the first time (making it for dummies)

Once every 5 or 10 years an idea so simple, so elegant, so obvious comes along and *SMACKS* you in the kisser. We call these ideas, good ones.  What I really want to talk about has nothing to with “getting it” or “making it”. Are you for real? What the hell did you think I was gonna tell you? The answer, you dumb-ass, is blowin’ in the wind. Bob D. wrote that like 40 years ago, he knew what you should know, but because you are so busy trying to make it, you forgot to think. Forgetting to think is probably the biggest problem around (the next biggest problem is witless assholes who think they have it all figured out). 

Anyway, that’s *slightly* off topic.

The biggest question today is not what you, or your Daily Mail | Express  neighbours think. They are irrelevant, the world is being re-shaped without their bullshit agenda. People are tired of lies, although their propensity to be lied to seems to rise with inflation.

Nirvana killed punk rock (by accident),  does that make them evil? We destroyed our planet (by accident)? Does that make us evil? Or stupid? Does it matter?

Answers on a postcard.


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