A million bureaucrats are diligently plotting death and some of them even know it

That’s from Thomas Pynchon’s Gravity’s Rainbow (1973). If it was true then, it is even truer now.

The fact is the current US President is insane but he does not act alone, he acts on behalf of America and it’s citizens.  That America can no longer be considered a force for good under his directorship, is a cause for real concern. Certainly, it is the misguided actions of this man and his administration that has left this generation of under 40’s bewildered, bitter, cynical, apathetic and distrustful.

This is not to diminish the seriousness of bygone problems (apartheid, nuclear arms, et al), but today, we are faced with something equally fiendish. The problem is that our society and our governments are morally corrupt. They are puppets of fundamentalism (Christian) and commerce. 

Our enemy is not some foreign ideology or totalitarian regime, our enemy is on the streets of our towns and cities: in every cup of coffee, in every can of soda, in every sugar-coated candied jelly tot, and uber-hi-tech iGadget that you buy.  The enemy lies within. We live for it, we desire it, we want it. Even Lucifer didn’t have it this easy.

Our freedom has been abused and it has been corrupted, we have been tricked into wanting things we do not need, and hating that which we have no need to hate.

However, while we are still free to write and think, talk and fuck, while we can scream and etch our names in park benches, flesh and hearts, there is hope.

Read. Write. Talk. More.


2 thoughts on “A million bureaucrats are diligently plotting death and some of them even know it

  1. Hell yeah! Now you’re talking. Of course the enemy is within. It’s not some random evil corporate businessman who wants to kill the planet – it’s me. And you. I kill the planet all day everyday with pretty much everything I do. And I don’t really care. Sure, sometimes pretend that I care, like when I put out the recycling bin or buy Nouvelle toilet roll or spend a few seconds thinking about how horrible it must be to be hungry all the time. But I don’t really give a shit. And neither does anyone else. Whatever goes wrong for mankind is nothing more than we deserve for being the way we are. We just don’t seem to be learning – and I wonder what it will take for us to realise that saving the world is simple – you just need to sort your own shit out and encourage other people to sort theirs.

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