When you are about to give up, don’t.

The days are filled with boredom and the news is only an update on how humanity is continuing and inventing new ways to assault itself and our planet. The chips are down and I’m not sure where the poker metaphor leads, but I do know that from almost every angle, things suck.

Facism in America, the occupation of our planet by a corporate militia, neo-con assholes, climate change, hell (no pun intended) the list goes on and on. I’ve not even mentioned the plague of apathy and the culture of cynicism which afflicts us, or the wars and injustice that ravage the world.

This week, the Guardian (bless ’em) is publishing Great Speeches of the 20th Century, today while reading The only thing we have to fear is fear itself I realised that there are always reasons for optimism and hope. We have been down before and have shown an ability to Rise Above. So just before you decide to turn off, give up and drop out, remember that.

I can’t recommend reading the Great Speeches highly enough.


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