We interrupt this program to tell you that there is no news

Ever since the first Gulf War, we have been addicted to live news. You know the drill, a sensational story breaks (a ‘mass’ shooting, for instance) and the TV news stations go into overdrive, an orgy of news, bombarding you with facts, figures, interviews with witnesses, interviews with friends and relatives. Hell at some point, just any old shit will do, as long as it’s vaguely on topic.

I’ll concede, that during big stories (like 9/11) there is a real appetite for news, but usually we are being force fed crap that we don’t care about. Even during a big story there is often little concrete news, this doesn’t stop the broadcast companies from rehashing the same shit over and over and over, ad nauseum). In the main, the totality of a news story can usually be covered in about 2 or 3 minutes, sometimes less:

“A crazy guy (a student called Cho), just shot 32 people at an American university”

Is there anything else you really need to know?

The rest is all just idle speculation, and mainly bull shit. Take this post, /cho-seung-hui-and-the-not-so-secret-school/ for instance, it is plain old rubbish, but at least it isn’t being shoved down my throat by a ‘respectable’ news corporation.

I’m sick of it. Do yourself a favour. Read about the news, when the armageddon comes don’t watch it on TV.


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