Cashing in on the V******* T*** M******

It must be easier to make something up than to dress up tragedy as entertainment.  Nevertheless, some sick fucks will attempt to cash in on the Virginia Tech slaughter. It happened with Columbine; all those 9/11 films; I’m pretty sure I’ve seen TV docu-dramas on the Austin, Texas 1966 tragedy.

It’s just wrong.

There is a vast difference between raising awareness (Schindler’s List) and cashing in on tragedy (United 93), although some might argue that films like United 93 have some historical value, you can bet that’s not why Hollywood made it.

There is a lot of material that passes as entertainment these days, Hollywood could and should do better.  Do yourself a favour and avoid entertainment which cashes in on tragedy, it is uncreative, lazy, dull and offensive.

Of course you will see tonnes of blogs where the authors cut-n-paste in a story from Yahoo News or CNN or whatever in a puerile attempt to get their blogs read. Phah.


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