Waiting for 15:00 (not the cricket)

It’s a bit like something that Beckett wrote “It means what it says.” Nevertheless, here I am again, waiting and wasting my life, because I’m expecting a call at 15:00, it’s a work thing.

Actually, what I really wanted to rant about today (I’ll keep it short because, it’s not that important) it is the Cricket World Cup.

Oh my God.

Have you heard of the ICC, the so called (and self appointed) International Cricket Council. There cannot be many more stupid, greedy and arrogant organisations in the world. These are the guys who single handedly broke cricket. 

The ICC took the so called ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 (you are not allowed to call it much else); the biggest cricket event in the world, being played in the cricket and fun loving West Indies and turned it into a hollow and empty spectacle.

The competition which lasts over 6 weeks with well over 50 games being played (there are only 16 teams in the competiton), has been drawn out to breaking point, it’s easier to get on a plane that to get into a CWC cricket match. Cheaper too.

They recently banned YouTube from showing World Cup clips, I mean seriously, can you be any more stupid than this?

It didn’t help that India and Pakistan made an early exit, but quite frankly that was because the ICC was greedy (several small teams were included in the CWC to increase the number of games being played; two of these ‘minnow’ teams acheived  the impossible and overthrew the two most populous cricketing nations, inadvertantly leaving the CWC very short of advertising revenue).

What a complete and total fuck up. I’ld normally be really happy to see the greed of a bunch of silly cunts get paid back like this, but truthfully, I love cricket and watching the sport and the fans getting screwed like this. Well that sucks.

Read more cricketing discontent: here, herehere and here (plenty more where these came from ).


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