If it’s 2.0 it must be good

Since the dawn of time, humanity has been waiting for the arrival of Web 2.0. This is quite obvious if you check the fossil record from the Pleistocene period. You don’t need to believe me, ask Darwin.

Was it someone with half-a-brain, who said:

Where there is danger, there are health and safety issues.

Or wasn’t it. It is impossible to tell.

In both cases, and you can decide this for yourself, the world doesn’t necessarily need AJAX or Web 2.0. And although Tim Berners Lee did a lot to make the world a better place that doesn’t mean that you should waste your time learning about new css hacks.

In fact, delete your wordpress account, your gmail account, your hotmail, yahoo, flickr and del.icio.us personas. (If you have a myspace account, you should find a tall building and jump off, or JTFO).


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