Are you cynical? You suck, its official!

I can’t really be bothered to tell you why, and if you’ld think about it instead of trying to be a smart ass, it would become self-evident. The ‘it’ in this case is “cynicism sucks“.

It is, of course, okay to be cynical about some things, some times. But when it becomes your mantra, your panacea, it makes no sense at all; it is counter-productive, and (yes it is true) worse than apathy. Of course cynics think humanity is societally apathetic, but since cynicism is not big, smart or clever, we can almost at once discount this.

Cynicism is an extremely lazy form of pseudo-intellectualism, and it is not at all useful or positive in any way. This is the problem with cynicism, it doesn’t offer (or attempt to offer) any solution to any problem; to paraphrase, it’s just plain old dumb.

Cynical wise-cracks are still okay.

The Today Show with Jon Stewart” is often filled with mindless cynicism, the program is funny the first 5 times you see it, then you realise what a morally vacant load of old horse shit it is. If you haven’t yet realised this (and you have seen the program more than 5 times) then you are an idiot. Think about it.

Is it worse to be cynical or jaded?” That is an entirely different question.

“What about skepticism?” You holler, that my little chump, is also a different matter, but keep in mind that lots of loser cynics will try to pawn themselves off as skeptics. Don’t believe their lies.

Clearly it is past my bedtime.


5 thoughts on “Are you cynical? You suck, its official!

  1. Personally I think cynicism develops out of a lack of trust. I find it difficult to trust that ‘things will be okay’ and so, to protect myself from this, I avoid making emotional investments in things in order that, should they fail, I will have lost nothing. I think we are all guilty of doing this to some extent.

    So what’s the cure for cynicism? Not to go all ‘hippy’ about it but I reckon it might be seeking out things that matter enough for you to want to believe in them – and then refusing to give in to the fear that creates cynicism.

    For me that means giving in to my secret desire to be a bird-watcher, staying true to my love for Ray Mears in the face of his many detractors and having the belief that that really is how you spell ‘detractors’, and not a Spanish expression for one than one piece of farmyard machinery.

  2. I mean “more than one piece of farmyard machinery”, of course. And in trying to correct that typo ran into potential cynicism on realising that wordpress won’t let me edit comments I have made on other people’s blogs. Where is the sense in that? Shall I give in to cynicism? Or just imagine that there is a web developer somewhere, in the back of whose mind is the thought ‘yeah, I really must get around to doing that comment edit function, but you know what? I’m just a bit too cynical about what I do to really be bothered.”

  3. Are you sure you just aren’t skeptical about things. I think skepticism develops from lack of trust, disbelief and so on. Cynicism is not about disbelief or distrust, it is about believing that people only act out of greed or self-interest. There is no altruism, there is no good.

  4. Well then I suppose we’ve simplified it all down to the basic question: “are people fundamentally good or fundamentally bad?”. How people respond to this one determines if they are a cynic or whatever the opposite of cynicism is (enthusiast?, optimist?, hippy?).

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