Maybe blogging will help

I know that one would never ever dream of migrating from a Mac to Windows, but recently I was asked to help someone move all emails and contacts in Entourage … [src]

I snipped that from one of today’s hot blogs. Are you guys for real?

The corporations are crushing your way of life with their greed. Why do you continue to help them. You have the pwer to stop them. Do you really think that adding to the Entourage HOWTO is gonna help?

To paraphrase the Minutemen 

As I look over this beautiful land,
I can’t help but realize that I am alone.
Why am I able to waste my energy?
To notice life being so beautiful?
What of the people who don’t have what I ain’t got?
Are they victims of my leisure?
To fail is to be a victim,
To be a victim of my choice.
Maybe partying will help.
Maybe blogging will help.
thanks Mike and d

It’s not bloody likely.


3 thoughts on “Maybe blogging will help

  1. Sorry, I wasn’t trying to be mean and I apologise if you feel I was personally attacking you.

    When I said “Are you guys for real?” I was not referring to you, I was talking to the people that made your post a hot one. I was saying: “Look at this post, it’s about porting mail to Outlook… of all the 700,000+ blogs on WordPress, this one is hot?! Isn’t their something more important than this?”

    I wasn’t knocking you, I completely understand your blog and I get blogs like yours and I know it’s hard work and I know it’s guys like who actually get off their ass and contribute your time to create real content (unlike mine which is just bullshit).

    Thinking about it I should have picked something less useful, but once I wrote the line “Do you really think that adding to the Entourage HOWTO is gonna help?” I felt I was onto something.

    If you want me to remove my post I will. I can find someone else to pick on.

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