Turn your apathy into activism


A state of not caring; not wanting to know; complacency; indifference; to ignore; disinterested in contemplation; anesthetized by popular culture; a postmodern intellectual narcosis; compassion fatigue; too lazy; too busy; self-indulgence; limited choices in work and leisure-time; non-reflection, non-deliberation and subconscious blocking of distressing information. Apathy is less ethically excusable than ignorance.

Here’s the situtation. You sit at your desk, in your grubby (or chic) office (or at home), thinking about all the things you could do, but can’t be bothered to do. A hundred million different choices you have made led you to this point. A world of infinite possibilty and this is where you are now, this is IT. Your life.

It’s not a bad one, chances are, you are well educated, chances are you are middle class, chances are you own an mp3 player, a dvd player, Nike, Gap, Levis, Sony, Apple / Microsoft. And so do all your friends.

You believe that the world in experiencing climate change. You believe that war in Iraq is bad. You believe George Bush is just plain wrong. You stopped believing in God, just to prove how intelligent you are.

Guess what?

That doesn’t change anything. That’s just in your head. It doesn’t matter that you think and know all that stuff. That’s all bullshit. Those are someone else’s ideas. You have to do something to make a difference.

I know for some of you, doing something in the real world is difficult. I find it difficult to leave the house. I can’t spell anymore. The closest I get to meeting new people is playing chess on the Internet. It’s why blogging is so popular, people feel like they are achieving something when they aren’t. Their blogs get longer, they get more hits, more links, more, more, more, more bullshit.

Here’s what to do, since you are apathetic. Put your apathy to good use. Don’t buy shit you don’t need. Don’t buy a house. Don’t waste your dreams on how to get rich. Don’t drink Starbucks. Don’t buy useless crap you don’t need. But don’t do it for a reason. Turn your inaction, your inabilty to do anything, in to something good. Actively choose to say NO. You know how to do that.

Turn your apathy in activism. Don’t do it NOW.

Activism, in a general sense, can be described as intentional action to bring about social or political change. This action is in support of, or opposition to, one side of a controversial argument.


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