Another bunch of

Here, my friends, is the kind of shit that makes me wanna slit my eyeballs: Note I don’t link to these idiot fucks.

The idea, get a link to your page from a page with a high page rank (PR, a google measure of a page’s importance) , and your own page’s PR increases, thus moving closer to the coveted number one spot on the results page from a Google search.

So these wankfucks reason that if they can create a page with a high page rank – say, PR71 – they can sell links from their page, to losers trying to improve their sad sense of their importance. (tip: to improve your page rank, improve your content, motherfuckheads).

Well shitheads, your PR is only 4, so your un-original, morally corrupt idea is basically bullshit, cause the basic premise that you are selling a link from a PR7 page is a LIE. I’ld rather drink snakeoil than bullshit.

I can’t believe how stupid, greedy and full of shit these morons are. I was going to blow apart [sic], but instead this fuck-site caught my attention, so you are gonna have to come back for that one.

1 This is easy to do if you are prepared to spend about $500 and a few hours of your time.


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