Are you cynical? You suck, its official!

I can’t really be bothered to tell you why, and if you’ld think about it instead of trying to be a smart ass, it would become self-evident. The ‘it’ in this case is “cynicism sucks“.

It is, of course, okay to be cynical about some things, some times. But when it becomes your mantra, your panacea, it makes no sense at all; it is counter-productive, and (yes it is true) worse than apathy. Of course cynics think humanity is societally apathetic, but since cynicism is not big, smart or clever, we can almost at once discount this.

Cynicism is an extremely lazy form of pseudo-intellectualism, and it is not at all useful or positive in any way. This is the problem with cynicism, it doesn’t offer (or attempt to offer) any solution to any problem; to paraphrase, it’s just plain old dumb.

Cynical wise-cracks are still okay.

The Today Show with Jon Stewart” is often filled with mindless cynicism, the program is funny the first 5 times you see it, then you realise what a morally vacant load of old horse shit it is. If you haven’t yet realised this (and you have seen the program more than 5 times) then you are an idiot. Think about it.

Is it worse to be cynical or jaded?” That is an entirely different question.

“What about skepticism?” You holler, that my little chump, is also a different matter, but keep in mind that lots of loser cynics will try to pawn themselves off as skeptics. Don’t believe their lies.

Clearly it is past my bedtime.


Maybe blogging will help

I know that one would never ever dream of migrating from a Mac to Windows, but recently I was asked to help someone move all emails and contacts in Entourage … [src]

I snipped that from one of today’s hot blogs. Are you guys for real?

The corporations are crushing your way of life with their greed. Why do you continue to help them. You have the pwer to stop them. Do you really think that adding to the Entourage HOWTO is gonna help?

To paraphrase the Minutemen 

As I look over this beautiful land,
I can’t help but realize that I am alone.
Why am I able to waste my energy?
To notice life being so beautiful?
What of the people who don’t have what I ain’t got?
Are they victims of my leisure?
To fail is to be a victim,
To be a victim of my choice.
Maybe partying will help.
Maybe blogging will help.
thanks Mike and d

It’s not bloody likely.

Turn your apathy into activism


A state of not caring; not wanting to know; complacency; indifference; to ignore; disinterested in contemplation; anesthetized by popular culture; a postmodern intellectual narcosis; compassion fatigue; too lazy; too busy; self-indulgence; limited choices in work and leisure-time; non-reflection, non-deliberation and subconscious blocking of distressing information. Apathy is less ethically excusable than ignorance.

Here’s the situtation. You sit at your desk, in your grubby (or chic) office (or at home), thinking about all the things you could do, but can’t be bothered to do. A hundred million different choices you have made led you to this point. A world of infinite possibilty and this is where you are now, this is IT. Your life.

It’s not a bad one, chances are, you are well educated, chances are you are middle class, chances are you own an mp3 player, a dvd player, Nike, Gap, Levis, Sony, Apple / Microsoft. And so do all your friends.

You believe that the world in experiencing climate change. You believe that war in Iraq is bad. You believe George Bush is just plain wrong. You stopped believing in God, just to prove how intelligent you are.

Guess what?

That doesn’t change anything. That’s just in your head. It doesn’t matter that you think and know all that stuff. That’s all bullshit. Those are someone else’s ideas. You have to do something to make a difference.

I know for some of you, doing something in the real world is difficult. I find it difficult to leave the house. I can’t spell anymore. The closest I get to meeting new people is playing chess on the Internet. It’s why blogging is so popular, people feel like they are achieving something when they aren’t. Their blogs get longer, they get more hits, more links, more, more, more, more bullshit.

Here’s what to do, since you are apathetic. Put your apathy to good use. Don’t buy shit you don’t need. Don’t buy a house. Don’t waste your dreams on how to get rich. Don’t drink Starbucks. Don’t buy useless crap you don’t need. But don’t do it for a reason. Turn your inaction, your inabilty to do anything, in to something good. Actively choose to say NO. You know how to do that.

Turn your apathy in activism. Don’t do it NOW.

Activism, in a general sense, can be described as intentional action to bring about social or political change. This action is in support of, or opposition to, one side of a controversial argument.

Has everything just got more interesting?

I decided long ago never to walk in anyone’s shadows. A number of things have got me excited today:

  1. Ségolène Royal vive la socialists.Ségolène Royal
  2. The unparalleled Stranger Than Fiction (2006)  – which includes the incomparable Maggie Gyllenhaal
  3. The insanely catchy Whole Wide World

The questions I’m now asking myself is this, “has the blogging made me pay closer attention to things (good or bad) that happen to me” or “is this a good week?”.

In the meantime, I’m gonna drink some coffee and ponder that and other musings like “What’s on TV tonight?” and “Should I leave work at 4 or 5pm today?”

Oh ya, i’ve set up: for obvious reasons.

The problem with LOVEFiLM

I was a ScreenSelect customer, but when they got gobbled up by LOVEFiLM, I decided to quit.

By several accounts, LOVEFiLM ruined a good thing. For those who don’t know, these are DVD rental-by-post companies. The service with ScreenSelect (and to a much lesser extent LOVEFiLM) was decent, you paid a flat fee, and watched as many DVDs as you could, returning watched items by (free) post, and getting silver discs through the mail, almost daily. Exciting!

When I first signed up for the service (under ScreenSelect), I could easily get through 6 – 10 DVDs in a week (especially if it was Voyager). It was all in all excellent value.

Things change, and several factors made the DVD rental game less appealing:

  1. torrentz
  2. it was a struggle deciding which films to order.
  3. LOVEFiLM started fucking with the envelope system sending two or three DVDs in one envelope (so basically you need to send all the films back together, and ended up being without films for a few days at a time). The original service was always one DVD, one envelope. Yes, sure you can order more envelopes from them, but it’s just another thing which makes the service that much worse than it was under ScreenSelect.
  4. Delivery times seemed to slow down, under ScreenSelect, I could guarantee I’d have a DVD turnaround in 24 hours. Under LOVEFiLM it seemed to be 48 hours, maybe more.
  5. The number of DVDs which got stuck / unplayable / broken seemed to be on the rise with our friends at LOVEFiLM
  6. There are more reasons, but does anyone really care?

Anyway, with all that said I decided that I was wasting money with the service, so I’ld better cut down or something.

I initially wanted to suspend my account, after all, I might want to get DVDs out again, maybe I’ll get an urge to see some vintage Alfred Hitchcock | A-Team | Knight Rider. Let’s see, WHAT!? It costs £1 a WEEK to suspend my account. The service only costs £15 a month. Hmmm, full service £15 per month, keeping my name in a database £4.33 per month. Assholes. This was the first indication that something might be amiss.

Okay, it’s your business model, charge what the fuck you like, I’m out, I’ll just cancel my account. This should be easy enough. Yeah right. (Now keep in mind that I have NEVER spoken to someone at either of these companies, I’ve watched over 500 DVDs, I’ve reported items lost, changed address, changed credit card details). But to cancel my account I have to phone a fucking number (they have a few questions to ask me). Oh boy.

Its not a scam in the strictest sense, there is a real and pretty decent service for people who want to watch DVD’s; and even though LOVEFiLM sucks, the things more or less works, and you can watch DVD’s by the envelope load.

The Eureka moment at LOVEFiLM:
“I have an idea …. Customer Disimprovements!”

What this company is doing, is tweaking its service in their favour and at the customers expense, slowly and discreetely abusing its customers. They know that the service is not abysmal, but have no intention of making it a good service, because that costs them money.

In fact it is clear that they decided to tune the service down as low as they can without customers leaving in droves. This is not accidental, they are in complete control of what they are doing. It’s no accident that DVDs take 48 h instead of 24 h. Only the most churlish customer would formally complain that a DVD arrived 1 day late (they can blame RoyalMail anyway), but a week late, one could and would complain.

The envelope trick, is another insipid tactic to slow down turnaround times.

The game that LOVEFiLM is playing, is the margin game, by making everything just slightly more difficult for the customer, they squeeze the margins in their favour. I bet it’s now and internal policy not to allow 24 hour turnaround times. And the final kick in the teeth, you want to cancel, call us. That way, we can just about squeeze another month’s subscription.

The truth is, margins will improve, but I doubt the bottom line will.

Hasta la vista suckers..

Another bunch of

Here, my friends, is the kind of shit that makes me wanna slit my eyeballs: Note I don’t link to these idiot fucks.

The idea, get a link to your page from a page with a high page rank (PR, a google measure of a page’s importance) , and your own page’s PR increases, thus moving closer to the coveted number one spot on the results page from a Google search.

So these wankfucks reason that if they can create a page with a high page rank – say, PR71 – they can sell links from their page, to losers trying to improve their sad sense of their importance. (tip: to improve your page rank, improve your content, motherfuckheads).

Well shitheads, your PR is only 4, so your un-original, morally corrupt idea is basically bullshit, cause the basic premise that you are selling a link from a PR7 page is a LIE. I’ld rather drink snakeoil than bullshit.

I can’t believe how stupid, greedy and full of shit these morons are. I was going to blow apart [sic], but instead this fuck-site caught my attention, so you are gonna have to come back for that one.

1 This is easy to do if you are prepared to spend about $500 and a few hours of your time.